Allen's Auto Appearance

When delivering a vehicle back to a customer we never worry what the expression will be . It is satisfaction guaranteed every time. With choosing the pride of our work over the dollar value we know what to expect when handing the keys over to the customer who later becomes family to Allen's Auto Appearance . We have made an amazing reputation for our shop with pleasing customers by going above and beyond the expectations on delivery .

In the Detailing industry there is only one way to do things . The right way . When you hand over the keys to your vehicle it becomes ours and we treat your vehicle like our own. Getting every nook and crevice cleaned and protected better than the day you bought it. We have spent thousands of hours learning our trade and we make sure when a vehicle is delivered back to its owner they are proud of our work . 


From the day our doors opened for business , we have made an impact on this industry with state of the art products , tools and services.  Customers have since advertised for us with their words and the showing off of their vehicles .  We stand alone when it comes to paint correction and paint protection . 

Paint Protection Specialist

In today's detail industry there are so many ways to protect your investment . We set out to make sure we have the very best in skill , knowledge and product for the job. Our biggest achievement is when a vehicle comes back to us for its next detail months down the road and it still beads the water off the paint and the shine is still brilliant . It speaks for itself when your pride of protecting another persons vehicle shows time and time again. 


718 Old Marple Rd Springfield Pa 19064


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