About Allen's Auto Appearance

Giving back

One thing that goes unnoticed about Allen's Auto Appearance is his efforts in giving back to those in the local area. Giving his time to detail fallen heroes police vehicles and fire apparatus for funeral services as a donation , to donating over a thousand dollars ( $1,000.00 ) a month supplying local police departments and first responders with bulletproof vest so they feel safer . His efforts with giving back to the communities around him are more than anyone ever asked for. 

Edward Allen started Allen's Auto Appearance when he was just 17 years old. Being 37 years of age now he has gathered more knowledge than most in this industry . He left school and opened the doors in 1997. With washing neighbors cars in his parents driveway to washing the local firetrucks he knew what he loved and has since then became the Car Detailing Artist as we all know him today. He sets his bar so high with the work he completes before calling the customers to pick up their vehicle . He has become untouchable in the Delaware County area when it comes to automotive detailing and protection 

 Allen's Auto Appearance

Paint Protection Specialist